VDB141 The Ghost Nebula

The Ghost Nebula (designated Sh2-136, VdB 141) is a reflection nebula located in the constellation Cepheus.
It lies near the cluster NGC 7023. Looking at the adjacent image, the nebula's name is easily understood. The Ghost nebula is referred to as a globule (cataloged CB230) and over 2 light-years across. There are several stars embedded, whose emissions make the nebula shine in brownish colour.

Technical Data

Bortle Scale / SQM-L Bortle 4/5  / --
Period July 2019
Primary Scope  CCA 250/1250
Camera CCD  KAF-8300
Mount AP 1100 GTO CP4
Total Exposure Time 7h
Composition LRGB
Location Val Imagna (Bergamo) Italy



 © Efrem Frigeni Astrophoto

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