33 million light-years away in the zodiac constellation Leo.

The galaxy has a morphological classification of SB(r)b, with the SBb notation indicating it is a barred spiral with arms that are intermediate on the scale from tightly to loosely wound, and an "(r)" meaning an inner ring surrounds the bar. The latter is a ring-shaped, circumnuclear star-forming region with a diameter of approximately 2,000 light-years (610 pc). The spiral structure extends outward from the ring.

Its ring structure is about 3.5×108 M☉ (solar masses) in molecular gas and yields a star formation rate of 0.38 M☉ yr−1. The star formation is occurring in at least five regions with diameters between 100 and 150 pc that are composed of several star clusters ranging in size from 1.7 to 4.9 pc. These individual clusters contain (1.8–8.7)×106 M☉ of stars, and may be on the path to forming globular clusters.

Technical Data

Bortle Scale / SQM-L Bortle 4/5  / SQM 20.06 - 20.22
Period April 2021
Primary Scope  CCA 250/1250 -  FSQ106/250
Camera IMX455 - KAF8300
Mount AP 1100 GTO CP4
Total Exposure Time 3h 
Composition LRGB
Location Val Imagna (Bergamo) Italy



 © Efrem Frigeni Astrophoto

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