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m3 Globular cluster

This Globular cluster is one of the largest and brightest, and is made up of around 500,000 stars.
It is estimated to be 11.4 billion years old . It is located at a distance of about 33,900 light-years away from Earth.

 Many amateur astronomers consider it one of the finest northern globular clusters.
M3 has an apparent magnitude of 6.2, making it a difficult naked eye target even with dark conditions.
With a moderate-sized telescope, the cluster is fully defined.


Technical Data

Bortle Scale / SQM-L Bortle 5  /  SQM 19.8-20.02
Period May, 2020
Primary Scope  CCA 250/1250
Camera IMX455
Mount AP 1100 GTO
Total Exposure Time 1H
Composition LRGB
Location Val Imagna (Bergamo) Italy





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